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During the COVID pandemic, one deficiency stood out clearly. In the midst of the cacophony of online services, a service for store to door delivery of Asian Indian groceries was missing. During these unprecedented times, as simple and pleasurable as going to an Indian store (and to any other store) was, it became a risky proposal. But an Indian has to have simple daal and spicy curry on the table, colorful rangoli at the doorstep and the fragrance of sandalwood incense in the house. This necessity became the mother of invention and India Cart came into existence.
As per a famous quote, “no king ever had anything that I have in my (American) grocery store today.” Not true for an Indian king (or queen)! Trips to two different grocery stores are needed in order to stock an Indian pantry. Convenience is the key word in today’s ultra-modern life. When groceries are being delivered at the door then where is the daal, aata, masala or mithai?
Online services are going to be the new norm of our lives. Bringing ‘India at your doorstep’ is globally right! When it comes to food, we are citizens of this world. Culinary adventures are a favorite pastime of this era but one can easily get entangled in the web of recipes on the internet. In our busy lives, we need some simple tips to make our lives more flavorful. Most importantly, the ingredients should be available locally and with a simple click, delivered to your doorstep! This convenience makes life more enjoyable and it is the goal of India Cart!
Nostalgia is the proverbial elephant in every immigrant’s mind. Everyone has a unique set of fond memories which are tied to their motherland. In the case of Asian Indians, is it the aroma of roasting besan or the flavor of baingan sabjee or the sweets arranged for Diwali celebration or the decorations for Gudhipadwa or Pongal? Every generation tries creating beautiful memories of their indigenous culture for the next generation. IndiaCart will help you enrich your lives by letting you re-create that experience.

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